Sunday, February 25, 2007

Then the dignitaries were led on a walking tour of some of the classrooms. The first room had a shampoo bowl. Here, Girls were taught hair care and how to do corn row styling. The teacher was very fast. Next room featured boys’ hair care. Here the teacher was shaving the head of an apprehensive youngster of about eight years. In the last room visited, domestic arts for girls were shown: hand-knit sweaters, men’s tailored shirts, women’s dresses, aprons, etc. A colleague praised her, saying she was the best! She was proud that even if the girls did not have sewing machines at home, they could still hand sew clothes. We learned this institution was only established in 1990’s by previous Bishop Mwiti and had 180 students between 8-23 years.
After the tour, groups were dispersed: dignitaries, including heads of other schools and Board of Governor members were seated under the center tent. Other seating was placed at 90 degree angles to either side of first tent, leaving a large open space in the middle. Students in their best uniforms of gray skirts or pants, pink shirts and royal blue sweaters were seated to the right of the dignitaries while adult visitors were seated to the left.