Sunday, February 25, 2007

The program began with a girls dance troupe, garbed in native costumes. Rhoda Kabiti welcomed all and introduced her faculty and the heads of other schools from the area. The Chairman of the Board of Governors stated how pleased the school was to have this very nice facility to serve the students of this school as well as the community at large, a message reiterated all afternoon. (This somewhat assuaged our concerns that the library might go unused.) Fridah, CEO of the Miriam Kanana Mubichi Foundation said this blessed library would honor Kanana who had a heart for the invisible children: those poverty stricken, the disadvantaged, the disabled. She said she looked forward to the time when the Kenyan people would feel empowered to solve their own financial and social problems.
Jean Warner, our VIM leader graciously thanked all those who volunteered their efforts to make the library a reality: people from several states and churches in the U.S. and many here in Meru who had helped in raising funds, in purchasing books, in volunteering their time and services. She gave enough photos of each of last year’s classes so each child would have a photo of him or herself. She gifted Rhoda, the member of Parliament and others with tokens of appreciation. She said the books in the library were not all cataloged, but a start had been made. She challenged the people to finish the job. In the meantime, it is an operational facility to help turn the community into a reading society. Also speaking was the Director of the Compassion Program, and education officer and the chief guest. All praised the Mubichi family and the foundation for having the dream and then providing the inspiration and the leadership to turn the dream into reality. They were also appreciative of the VIM teams, who had come, working hard to show their love and compassion for those in need. Rhoda, assisted by a staff member, called the VIM team to the front where each was given a lovely, footed, round wooden bowl and lid. The dedication ended with a prayer and the serving of a delicious Kenyan lunch.