Sunday, February 25, 2007

The layover in Memphis of two hours went fairly smoothly. But the 9-hour flight to Amsterdam was definitely a “longie,” not to mention losing seven hours more through time zone changes. There, the team secured an oval seating arrangement where luggage could be easily secured by minimal persons. The youngest two (Katelyn and Nicole) plus Kathy and Neal set off via trains to visit the Anne Frank Museum. On returning, they were exhilarated by the sights seen: the great number of bicycles and riders, the boats and canals, some of the “red light” district. The rest had eaten, visited the Rijks Museum’s small exhibition in the airport, window shopped and rested. Then there was another 9-hour hop to Nairobi, plus losing two more hours to time changes. Our bodies were getting a bit numb after two full calendar days in transit.