Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stephen, Fridah and Ravena Mubichi whisked us away via a pickup, an SUV and a white sedan to their nearby home. This was enclosed by a high stone wall and guarded by dogs after 7 p.m. A vibrant family with many interests and abilities, they each had one or more cell phones. Stephen has restaurants, farms, does hauling of building materials, among other enterprises. Fridah is CEO of the Mariam Kanana Mubichi Foundation. Quite vocal and knowledgeable with two master degrees from the U.S., she is civic-minded and wants to improve the lot of the Meru citizens, especially women and children, via the foundation. The foundation promotes social economical development and aims to do that by engaging in projects that center around education and literacy, health and nutrition and resource management. They give scholarships to children, have provided a water pipeline that comes from a mountain stream for the Meru School for the Mentally Challenged, and now a library for the Kenya School for Healing Impaired.