Sunday, February 25, 2007

Attractive books were placed atop and within new book shelves and atop tables in the main section of the library. The overall effect was attractive and inviting. Many photos were taken to commemorate the occasion. Fridah came in an attractive dress. (We’d only seen her in jeans before.) Finally, the honored guest, a member of Parliament arrived, the Honorable David Mwirari. He was short of stature, intelligent looking with eye glasses. His round face sported a lip moustache. An air of dignity, geniality and repose emanated from him. Also, among the dignitaries was the current bishop, Kiogora, of this section of the Methodist Church which is very active in East Africa. He had eyes that seemed to encompass much and appeared very traditional. Rhoda Kabiti, head mistress, looked very nice in a light green pants suit with jacket.