Sunday, February 25, 2007

Again we went to the Mubichis for dinner where Stephen told of his young manhood. The English recruited likely young candidates and took them to Scotland where they were trained as detectives. Then they were sent out to work as janitors, painters or construction workers in order to infiltrate questionable organizations and gain evidence of wrong-doing. Once the criminals were convicted or evidence was obtained, the detective was moved to a different locale to start over again. He told of Florence getting a scholarship to Oklahoma City University in order to received nurse training. So all the young family of Fridah, 5, Kanana, 4, and Ravena, 2, accompanied Florence for the four years of study. While there, Stephen took care of the girls, got some vocational training and worked. At the Mubichi's home, team members were able to send off a few email messages home. (The picture is of Steven Mubichi and Josephine Mraya who served as our general coordinator on Tuesday - a thankless task to be sure!)