Sunday, February 25, 2007

After this tour, we were led to a canvas covered area with chairs for the dedication service of a piped water line to the school. The school has often been without water or had intermittent water for drinking, cleaning and cooking. Last year’s VIM team included and architect and an engineer who had walked a considerable area and determined that water could be brought via a pipeline from a nearby mountain stream and thus supply a steady supply of water to the school. So VIM and the Miriam Kanana Mubichi Foundation supplied funds to do this. We met some of board members of the school, a woman missionary from Oregon, a banker and the Methodist district superintendent. The program began with the students singing an original song entitled “Water Is Life."

Water! Water! Everywhere
Water! Water! Everywhere
Water is life

Solo: In the kitchen
All: Water is life
S: In the office
All Water is life
S: In the bathroom
All Water is live
S: In the dormitory
All Water is life
S: In the Shamba
All Water is life
Thank you for giving us water.
Water is life.
The young woman student soloist had a strong, clear voice and was backed by a chorus. The head mistress gave a talk on the project as well as other needs of the school. We were most proud of our VIM members. Neal had on a suit, tie and hat and looked most dignified as he gave a speech on this project and what it would mean to the boarding school. Jean, ever open and vibrant, expressed her joy in seeing the project being brought to fruition. She was gifted with a stool in the shape of Kenya. Fridah and Stephen were given another stool after Fridah spoke on the Foundation and how it hoped to empower the people to use their abilities and resources to continue making improvements in the area and in the country. The president of the school’s Board of Governors gave a talk of appreciation for what this facility would mean to the school. Then all were led across campus to a small courtyard where the pipeline ended in a water spigot enclosed in concrete and rock housing.